Our team at AgilityFeat has been doing real-time development for a while now. It started when we fell in love with PubNub, a commercial platform for real time messaging which we have used to build collaboration applications, data dashboards, and more.

We thought that was pretty interactive, until I discovered WebRTC. I was able to see some conference talks by TokBox and Google at HTML5Developers Conferences, and I was hooked. Real time data is cool, but video and audio conferencing for the browser? Now that’s interactive! Somehow phrases like “Skype for your browser” sounded very sexy. Maybe it’s just me.

In any case, in November of 2013 our team launched RealTimeWeekly.co, a free weekly newsletter covering all sorts of topics in real-time development, including a healthy dose of WebRTC content. This allowed me to continue to watch developments in the space and learn all about the technology myself.

Fast forward nearly two years, and here we are in August 2015. Our team at AgilityFeat has now built quite a few applications with WebRTC, primarily based on the TokBox framework, and we love it. That’s why we have launched WebRTC.ventures, a new brand devoted to web and mobile development of WebRTC applications.

WebRTC.ventures - custom webrtc application development and design

WebRTC is great for online education, telemedicine, web conferencing/webinar applications, collaboration tools, live support applications, and more. The peer-to-peer and encrypted nature of it are making it very popular, and it’s finally becoming “production ready.”

We will continue to proudly work with our existing clients at AgilityFeat, and we continue to love building real-time applications of all types, not just those involving WebRTC. But if you are interested in our WebRTC expertise, please go check out WebRTC.ventures!

An example WebRTC based telemedicine app built by our team at WebRTC Ventures