We’re very pleased to release this latest testimonial from one of our happy clients at AgilityFeat. Wellbeing Consult is an Australian startup that came to us because of our team’s expertise in WebRTC and TokBox. We worked with them earlier this year to build the first version of their Telehealth MVP, and just completed a second round of work on their MVP which they are now demonstrating to potential clients.

Wellbeing Consult – a Telehealth application built on WebRTC from arinsime on Vimeo.

Wellbeing Consult connects mental health professionals in Australia with patients, regardless of their location. As founder Marty Brewster says in the video, everyone should have equitable access to the health care they need, no matter where they live, and WebRTC allows us to build secure and reliable telemedicine applications which do exactly that.

For more about our team’s WebRTC and TokBox related expertise, see our video communications group at WebRTC.ventures, and we’ll be happy to build your telehealth application as well! You can also join us for one of our upcoming webinars on WebRTC.