2012-12-03_11-28-15_593The LeanStartup.co conference was great, and internally at AgilityFeat we are still incorporating some of the lessons that our team learned by participating in the conference. As a bookmark to myself, and perhaps useful to you too, I’m listing below some of the links that I made note of during the conference. This is an incomplete list of things that I want to follow up on and go read more about.

A post by Ash Maurya on Innovation Accounting (probably the toughest topic in the Lean Startup movement and the least understood or applied):

LitMotors gave a great talk about how they have applied Lean Startup concepts in designing an electric motocycle. I’m just leaving this link here so I remember to buy one when they come out in 2014:

Matt Brezina’s slides on Rapid Mobile App Development (Lean Startup experiments are easy on the web, but not apparently so easy in mobile apps. Matt shows us how to do it)

Alexander’s Value Proposition Canvas

Justin Wilcox on how to crowdtest your idea before building it

GE’s $600k of prizes for innovative uses of their data

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t also remind you of a few posts that our AgilityFeat team wrote at the conference:

6 Lessons from the Lean Startup Conference
Things I learned in the morning at the Lean Startup Conference
Slides for “Just Deploy It!”
2 Pivots and 3 Lessons at Lean Startup Machine San Francisco
3 Things I learned at #WarmGun about #UX