Building Latin American Development Teams for US Companies Since 2010

AgilityFeat is a US based company with strong connections in Latin
America. We are experts in staffing nearshore teams of highly specialized software developers. Leverage our experience to solve your staffing problems! We will handle all aspects of recruiting, staffing, contracts and payments for you.

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Turning remote work into an opportunity

At AgilityFeat, we remove the risk and the pain associated with international contracting, and open you up to new markets of experienced talent. We make it easy to expand your remote workforce to Latin America!

We remove the following pain points for you, so you can focus on leading your team and building your product!

Recruit and interview specialized programming talent, according to your needs

Make international payments to your team on your behalf

We handle all contracting for you

A custom built team just for you

Leave the freelancer sites and dev shops behind. It’s time to build your team. We make it as easy as hiring locally.

Your complete team for finding development talent in Latin America

David Alfaro and Arin Sime have been working together since 2011, building development teams for clients.

As former software developers and IT leaders themselves, as well as former Agile trainers, they were both recruiting remote talent long before the economy required it. They founded one of the original nearshore agile teams in Latin America.

Building a talented and stable technical team in another country is not easy, but you will be much more successful by leveraging our experiences over more than a decade. Your complete team for finding development talent in Latin America

Our Clients

Over the past decade, we have worked with some amazing clients.

Our Other Ventures

We are also the team behind, a leading integrator of WebRTC video into custom web and mobile applications, and SimplyDoc, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth starter kit and API.

Leverage our experience to start scaling your technical talent.  

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