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At AgilityFeat, we are more than just designers and coders. We are also thought leaders. Our team has spoken at conferences around the US, Europe, and Latin America. We were early leaders in applying agile methodologies to nearshore software development in Latin America. We shared these lessons in this blog through 2015. These days, we blog mainly about our other passion, WebRTC. Find us at

Lean Start-up, now what?

Back in November we sat down with Tony Cappeart, COO and Co-Founder at Contactually to talk about how they are applying Lean Startup methodologies to build their business. We talked about how Lean Startup had guided their product design,...

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Setting up a cadence on your agile team

I'd like to share with you a common cadence that we are using on agile teams that I coach, and also on many of AgilityFeat's development teams with our clients. For an agile team to get into a solid rhythm of work, they need to have a set...

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Building a portfolio of Lean Startups

For those watching technology trends, it's no surprise that people are talking about startups and their role in the new economy.  Regardless of whether you believe startups help or hurt the economy, there's little argument that the future...

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MyChoresApp launched by AgilityFeat commandos

Two of AgilityFeat's code commandos have launched a great new mobile app for managing chores with your children.  My kids are going to try it out as part of the beta program, and if my kids can get excited about chores then yours can too!...

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Learning to accept simplicity

Recently I was in a meeting with one of our clients at AgilityFeat. The project lead at the client made a simple, but very powerful statement as we presented an assessment and proposal. “One of our challenges is that we need to learn to...

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7 tips for Services Startups

Early in 2013, I was sitting on a beach in Costa Rica with the AgilityFeat team. Also with me was an author and visionary we hired to come work with our team for a couple days. That visionary was Patrick Vlaskovits, co-author of “The Lean...

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Coding Across America

Last year I blogged about how my friend Matt Makai is starting a 5 month journey to blog and code his way around the US.  I'm excited for Matt that this journey has begun!  You can follow him at, and on Twitter....

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Feb 28: News from the Startup Front

How's your year going? Ours has been crazy-busy. That means we haven't blogged as much as we'd like over the last month, but nonetheless we've got some important and hard-learned lessons to share with you. We've just gone through a period...

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