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At AgilityFeat, we are more than just designers and coders. We are also thought leaders. Our team has spoken at conferences around the US, Europe, and Latin America. We were early leaders in applying agile methodologies to nearshore software development in Latin America. We shared these lessons in this blog through 2015. These days, we blog mainly about our other passion, WebRTC. Find us at

Video: Raspberry Pi’s and Node.js

Javascript is not just for the web! With Node.js you can run it on Raspberry Pi's too. Allan Naranjo, who is a developer at AgilityFeat, has built kiosk applications using Node.js running on a Raspberry Pi. This month Allan gave a talk...

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Hiring a Remote Team

Last week featured a great article on hiring remote teams. The article, written by David and Carrie McKeegan has a wonderful list of tips for remote hiring that are relevant for in-house hires as well. Since AgilityFeat...

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Do you really have the time for a startup?

It’s not enough to have a good business idea, you must have the time to execute on that idea. Which makes this story from Wired magazine even more impressive. Dutch programmer and designer Pieter Levels is on a quest to build a new...

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Free Agile Training

If you're looking for a couple hours of agile video to watch, a way to help you go to sleep at night, or just from free agile training, then I present to you the following videos. Our development team at AgilityFeat is spread out around...

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Why I’ve moved to Costa Rica

About three years ago, David Alfaro and I launched on a great adventure together, building AgilityFeat into an international boutique software development firm. I was living in Virginia in the US, and David built up our operations in...

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HTML5DevConf Video: 6 Months with WebRTC

Last May I had the pleasure of presenting at the HTML5DevConf in San Francisco. With me was David Alfaro, AgilityFeat co-founder, and Mariana Lopez, our UX lead. Also joining us remotely was Allan Naranjo, a software engineer at...

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The 3 phases of MVP development

The other day I was speaking with a potential development customer when I realized two things: 1) He doesn’t need us … yet. 2) He can’t afford us … yet. “Yet” is a key addendum to both realizations. He has some interesting ideas, and a...

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NYC WebRTC presentation

Back in April I had a lot of fun presenting on WebRTC at the New York City Node.js meetup. We met at the offices of Shutterstock in the Empire State Building, and I was the second of two presenters that evening. Despite the late hour, the...

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