IntroWebRTCVideoCourseI’m excited to announce that after months of work and editing, O’Reilly Media has published an Introductory course on WebRTC that I developed for them.

Our team at AgilityFeat has built a number of WebRTC applications for ourselves and our clients, and we also edit the weekly newsletter, which regularly includes WebRTC content. We’ve taken that WebRTC expertise and put it into a series of videos, over 3.5 hours of content covering the following topics:

  • High level behavior, applications and use cases, pros & cons
  • GetUserMedia, video and audio parameters
  • Node.js and for signaling
  • WebRTC signaling
  • Video/Audio chat with WebRTC
  • DataChannel for chat and file transfer
  • Screen sharing
  • Design considerations and interaction patterns
  • Sample medical application

In addition to smaller exercises to demonstrate the concepts in each chapter, we also show you how to build an encrypted medical application based on WebRTC.

You can buy the course directly from O’Reilly Media, and we look forward to hearing your feedback about it!