In early 2014, we were approached by an entrepreneur who wanted to build a new type of music collaboration application. The application would allow musicians to exchange ideas and build songs together via the web without any type of download required. We’re excited to announce the end of private beta and share Pickasound with the world.

The application uses WebRTC to allow musicians to record directly in the browser and features many tools for collaboration and sharing. We love what we’re hearing on the site already! The project was built with only one developer, demostrating the promise of WebRTC for building complex projects quickly. We love Pickasound because the project presented the opportunity to stretch our real time development and real time UX muscles. Tell us what you think!

Here’s a video featuring the founder, Toju Omertoruwa talking about his experiences building the business and application;

Do you have questions about how we built Pickasound? Contact me on Twitter, I’d be happy to share more of what we’ve learned.