Last May I had the pleasure of presenting at the HTML5DevConf in San Francisco. With me was David Alfaro, AgilityFeat co-founder, and Mariana Lopez, our UX lead. Also joining us remotely was Allan Naranjo, a software engineer at AgilityFeat and the development brains behind the application we presented.

Our presentation focused on what we had learned during our first six months with WebRTC, during which we built a simple webinar tool based on WebRTC using the PubNub api for both publish/subscribe messaging in the app as well as WebRTC calls. We built this tool as an experiment on our part to become familiar with the technology, and used it as the basis for a talk that we took not only to San Francisco, but also Washington DC, Atlanta, North Carolina, Virginia, and New York City. We also used this webinar tool as the basis of our e-book on Building Real-Time applications with WebRTC.

The HTML5 conference has now posted the video of our talk online, so you can watch it below. We had a lot of great questions from the audience, and we really enjoyed the conversations it generated. One of the interesting conversations this lead to after our talk was about the value of hosted STUN/TURN servers for WebRTC, using a service like XirSys. We’ve been using XirSys on another WebRTC project since that time and we can definitely vouch for it’s value.

What other questions do you have that are not covered in our talk? Did this create any ideas for your business? I’d love to hear about them – please contact me at