One of the most fun things that I get to do is to speak with entrepreneurs about their business ideas. Most of the time, they are contacting me to find out how much it will cost to build their idea (or re-build their product). As one might expect, entrepreneurs (especially non-technical ones) want this budget to understand what sort of fundraising they need to do (even if they are self-funding). I’ve realized that many entrepreneurs are spending the majority of their time thinking about features and marketing strategies finding rather than validating their assumptions. In many cases, the hard work and energy that has gone into writing a detailed business plan or product spec could be better spent talking to customers and doing simple tests to guide the development of the business. Too many entrepreneurs are wasting their most precious resource, their time!

So, the AgilityFeat team gave this problem some thought and tried to come up with a simple solution to help entrepreneurs move their business forward without spending thousands of dollars. We wanted our solution to be simple but very valuable so we’ve created a Product Consultation Session that we are excited to offer for free for a limited time. We have been doing these for a while privately to test the concept, and now we want to offer them a little more publicly to a wider audience.

The Product Consultation

The Product Consultation Session is a 30 minute session designed for idea-stage entrepreneurs or for those looking for UX feedback on early MVPs. Our objective is to create a resource for entrepreneurs to vet ideas, get technical and strategic feedback as well as chart a path for the next steps for their projects. The format is simple, it’s a discussion of the idea, led by the business owner, followed by a series of questions from our team and capped with a set of suggestions for next steps. This is a product and strategy brainstorming session not a sales pitch, it’s an opportunity to get feedback on an idea or MVP with no strings attached from our team.

Examples of thing you may learn in a Product Consultation

For New Ideas

  • Creation of a list of assumptions to validate/test
  • Target segment for customer interviews
  • Introductions to people and technology resources
  • Competitive considerations
  • Recommendations for building your product

For MVPs

  • UX implementation best practices
  • Customer Development strategies
  • Platform considerations
  • Actionable steps to turn your idea into a business

Do you have a business idea but you’re not sure what steps to take next? Or do you have an MVP that needs UX magic? Contact us here to set up your Product Consultation Session