Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.33.14 AMNearshore Americas quoted AgilityFeat in an article earlier this week on the growth of Ruby on Rails development teams in Latin America. While there’s not hard data around it, the success of companies like AgilityFeat provides anecdotal evidence at least that nearshoring and Ruby on Rails are a good combination.

This is no surprise of course since Ruby on Rails development in general is growing in the United States, where most of our clients are, and it is very hard to find good Rails talent. A couple of us who were interviewed also emphasized the community driven and open source nature of Rails as a strong force behind it’s adoption. This can be particularly true for a growing company like AgilityFeat. If we had to pay a lot of .NET license fees to Microsoft for all our development tools and servers, it would certainly change the way we can afford to bill our clients.

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