When AgilityFeat first started doing software development in Costa Rica, I would tell people that we could build anything. Mobile apps? You got it. Web applications? Sure, why not! .NET outsourcing? Sure, I’ve managed .NET teams before, we can do that! Fixed price drupal development? Heck, we even considered doing that. I would rarely turn a potential customer away.

As we’ve matured as a business, I say no more often than I say yes, and that is helping us as a business. Specialization means that we are hiring people with the specific skill sets or expertise we require, and only taking on projects that fit in our sweet spot. That means less risk for us because we are more likely to deliver a quality product that our customers love, and for that same reason it’s also better for our customers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.33.14 AMLast week I did an interesting interview with Nearshore Americas, where they interviewed AgilityFeat about specialization, as well as interviewing several other similar nearshore software development companies in Latin America. I don’t mind sending you to an article that mentions our competition, because increasingly they are not our competition. That’s not a knock on them, because we are increasingly not their competitors either. This is the benefit of specialization – higher quality work that accentuates the talents of your team and sets you and your customers up for success.

At AgilityFeat our specializations are based on what we love and what we are really good at. To shamelessly quote myself from the article:

You find awesome people and you build the business around their exemplary skills

Based on what we’re really good at, we’ve come to specialize in combining great UX and design with Ruby on Rails development. We’re in the process of updating our product showcase on this site and we’ll be blogging more about our skills in coming months, so look for more updates so you can get to know our team better.