Last week Google Glass Mirror API was released causing huge waves of blog posts and opinions about the much anticipated Google Glass hardware.

Google Glass has a huge potential. Nobody still knows if it would bring the revolution it promises, but there are good signs about this possible success. One of that signs are the Venture Capitalists intuition. Investors of the like of Marc Andreessen (the guy that made Netscape possible, remember him?) are already making huge bets on Google Glass: “We’re Going To Invest A Boatload Of Dough In Google Glass Startups”. They all recognize that the secret of Glass’ success doesn’t rely only on the hardware, but also in the degree that we developers can make magic using the API.

That’s why we are officially organizing the Agilityfeat Google Glass Hackathon on April 27th and 28th to be held on VMG Business Center in Escazú, San José, Costa Rica from 9 am to 6 pm both days. In fact, there is another reason. Agilityfeat is intentionally behaving like a Business Incubator for the business ideas that our developers come up with. We acknowledge that we will be able to spot the business opportunities of Glass once we have a deeper understanding of its API.

So let’s do it. I will be fun.

Let me emphasize this: The purpose of this hackathon is to get familiar with Glass API.

We will start the Saturday at 9 am by doing a small brainstorming of the app ideas we can implement during the weekend. We choose one or two apps, we do a small planning session to determine which developer would do what, and then, well, to code!!!

We’ll do short stand-ups every four hours to check our progress and then we will do a small demo at the end of Sunday.

What happens after this weekend is up to what we learn, which I am sure would be a heck of valuable knowledge to foster the ideas to be implemented using our Agilityfeat Business Validation Process.

If you want to be part of this event, go ahead drop me an email at as the seats are very limited.

See you there!