Arin Sime and Matt Makai having dinner at the Virginian in Charlottesville as he starts his Coding Across America journeyLast year I blogged about how my friend Matt Makai is starting a 5 month journey to blog and code his way around the US.  I’m excited for Matt that this journey has begun!  You can follow him at, and on Twitter.

Matt started his journey in Charlottesville Virginia, my hometown.  Matt and I also spent a lot of time together here when we were graduate students at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.

He and I met over dinner and talked about AgilityFeat and nearshoring in Latin America, and the next day he also met with another great local company WillowTree Apps.

He hasn’t blogged about those visits yet, but he has posted some nice photos of the area here.  Matt was telling me about all the companies that he’ll be visiting, and I am definitely jealous.  He’s got an exciting 5 months ahead of him and I can’t wait to hear all about it on and I encourage you to check it out too!