If you want to work with us, you should really like post it notes.  I mean *really* like post it notes.  Consider sending us a haiku about post it notes to prove it.

If you want to work with us, you should really like post it notes. I mean *really* like post it notes. Consider sending us a haiku about post it notes to prove it.

AgilityFeat is hiring an agile engineering coach! Well, sort of. You see … here’s the deal.

AgilityFeat does two things: (1) custom software development in Costa Rica, and (2) agile process and engineering coaching and training for companies around the US. Do you also do both of those? Well, maybe except the Costa Rica part?

We’re in the enviable position at AgilityFeat of turning away agile coaching work these days, and like most business people, I hate turning away people who are willing to pay me.

We don’t have to hire right away to fill this position, therefore I am willing to wait until just the right person comes along. So don’t be offended if I don’t hire you – it’s not you, it’s me. But if you fit the bill of goods below, then let me know. Push me off the fence and convince me to hire you!

I’m looking for someone who is:

  • Really good at agile processes like Scrum and Kanban
  • Developer and/or test automation background
  • Experienced agile engineer with hands on TDD, CI, and Continuous Delivery experience
  • That means you’re also really good at writing software in an agile way
  • Project or department level management experience, or at least some Scrummaster experience.
  • Great people skills. Not the kind where you carry the requirements to the engineers, but the kind where you are a good listener, and can combine your super powers of empathy and technical prowess to connect with our customers and help them craft the process and technical changes they need to take the next agile step.
  • Great public speaking skills. You should probably sweat less than I do when I speak publicly, unless you can pull off the weird Steve Ballmer vibe.
  • US Citizen (some of our clients will require this)
  • Willing to travel 3 weeks a month, around the US. Occasionally to Costa Rica too!
  • You like coaching, training, and doing hands on development. When we need to fill in the cracks between your training and coaching, we’ll ask you to write code with our teams in Costa Rica.
  • Experience with any or all of these: .NET, Java, Ruby, Python
  • Experience as a consultant, especially with business process analysis
  • Entrepreneurial mindset. We like side projects.
  • Not annoyed by Lean Startup buzzwords. I’ll try not to overuse them though.
  • Got a blog or tweets that show us how knowledgeable you are and give us a sense of your communication style? Make sure to share!

That’s kind of a long list, but my standards and goals for this position are pretty high. I’m happy to coach you in the role, but I want to do just as much learning from you too, so I’m looking to be impressed.

If you are interested in applying, send me a note at Arin@AgilityFeat.com or call 434 996 5226. Don’t be offended if I don’t answer right away, I’m probably busy turning away work.