How to get connected in Silicon Valley

David Alfaro from AgilityFeat speaks with another entrepreneur at

The startup world is definitely about “who you know.” But more importantly, it’s also about who you network with, who inspires you, and who you can help inspire or mentor. Since all of this is based on personal connections, how can you get connected into this world, especially in Silicon Valley?

That’s a great question that I’ve been pondering as AgilityFeat continues to grow and work with more and more startups and small companies. I’m in Virginia on the East Coast of the US, Ford is in Boston, and David and the rest of our team are in Costa Rica. Those are all great places, with a lot of entrepreneurship going on. But when people think technology startups, it’s natural to think of Silicon Valley first, and with good reason.

So for AgilityFeat it’s strategically important that we start to meet more customers in the San Francisco area. That’s part of the reason that Ford, David, and I are in San Francisco right now attending the LeanStartupConf.

Be inspired by other entrepreneurs

But we are also all entrepreneurs with our own projects, and so we’re also looking for inspiration and other entrepreneurs just to hang out with. And the energy of Silicon Valley can’t be beat for that.

If you’re thinking along the same lines and looking to get connected in Silicon Valley, then I strongly recommend you check out This is a great home in Mountain View, near Stanford and the heart of things. Henrique Sutton and Andrea Litto will be your hosts, and they will not only provide you with a beautiful and inexpensive home to share with other entrepreneurs, they will also help you get connected in Silicon Valley.

Our arrival at SiliconHouse

When David and I arrived at SiliconHouse yesterday, we were greeted by Henrique and Andrea with a schedule of area events to attend which were custom tailored to our interests. They also bring in speakers and setup networking events at the house. Last night there was a networking event at the house for SiliconHouse guests and alumni of their month long program.

We spent the evening talking with entrepreneurs from Brazil, the US, Israel, France, and then of course we provided the Virginia and Costa Rica dynamic to the discussions. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging, and we quickly made some great friends. After an incredible dinner prepared by Andrea, we had wine and discussion late into the night. One of our new Brazilian friends even treated us to some guitar and singing in Portuguese. I recorded a brief video which you can see below.

The conversation is not all business

After the guitar playing, most of the gang continued the networking and fun at a local karaoke bar. AFter a long day of flights and travel, I went to bed instead. But it was with regret, because I hated for such a wonderful welcome to Silicon Valley to end.

Learn more and apply to join this great program at