I’m very pleased to say that I will be presenting an Ignite talk at the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco in December.  I will talk about some anti-patterns that I see in software development for startups. 

In short, my advice is to “Just Deploy It!” and stop holding back so much.  Whether it’s a beta, polished user administration, or just one more feature you really want to get in, I think that too many startups are delaying their MVP’s.  You should be focused on getting something, almost anything, out to production sooner rather than later.

If you would like to see the video submission I made to the Lean Startup Conference, you can watch it below.

This doesn’t mean deliver crap to your customers, it just means don’t wait until you have the full feature set of your dreams in place.  Always remember that it’s more important to test your assumptions with customers.  The feedback you get from those earlier releases will probably change what you think is most important to deploy next, so the faster you get that feedback the closer you are to success!

If you are attend the Lean Startup Conference in December, I hope you’ll come to the Ignite talks and introduce yourself!  I’ll be there with David Alfaro, AgilityFeat’s President of Costa Rican Operations.

And if you’re looking for another great way to learn Lean Startup techniques and how to apply them to your MVP’s software development using agile and lean techniques, check out AgilityFeat’s 3 day workshop in January on the beach in Costa Rica!