In this week’s “news from the startup front”, here’s what our team of code commandos is reading, writing and watching:

  • Save the date for DareToBeLean Jan 9-11 2013!
  • Resort Survey for DareToBeLean
  • Report from MoDevTablet in Washington DC
  • The emotional trough of startups
  • How thinking low-tech can jump start a project
  • Why Too Many Startups (er) Suck
  • Visit with Arin from AgilityFeat in Boston!

Join AgilityFeat’s Costa Rican Code Commandos on the beach and learn more about best practices in building your startup the lean way!

Hold the date for Dare To Be Lean!

It’s not quite definite, but it’s really close – hold the dates January 9th through 11th 2013! The AgilityFeat team is working on the location right now, and then it will be official. We’re trying to find the right balance between resort locations and affordable pricing for you. Stay tuned for more exciting news about the workshop soon!

Resort Survey for DareToBeLean

Help us choose the resort to hold DareToBeLean at! Please see this blog post for 4 example resorts on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, at a variety of price ranges. If you are considering going, then your feedback would be really helpful as we solidify details.

3 lessons from the MoDevTablet conference

Arin attended the MoDevTablet conference in Washington DC recently, and posted a few lessons he learned about free vs paid mobile apps, analytics, and smartphones vs tablets.

After the Techcrunch bump: Life in the “Trough of Sorrow”

Andrew Chen writes about the emotional side of startups and offers some practical advice. Initial bumps of publicity that your startup gets will often subside, and that’s where you need to keep your wits about you.

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

How will you drive traffic to your new awesome startup website? Maile Ohye from Google has some good advice in this short YouTube video.

How thinking low-tech can jump start a project

Juan Carlos Guaqueta of Yourbany writes how they built a homemade board game to test the concepts of their online game idea before they ever wrote a line of code. It’s a great post to inspire you how you can test your idea even before you engage our team to write your code!

Why Too Many Startups (er) Suck

Bob Dorf, the co-author of the Startup Owner’s Manual writes how bad most of us entrepreneurs are about our “honest trajectory” of growth.

Visit with Arin from AgilityFeat in Boston!
By the time you read this, I’ll be in Cambridge Massachusetts for a couple of days doing some networking (Sept 26-27). Give me a call at 434 996 5226 if you’ll be in the area this week too – let’s talk! I will also be back in the same area for the Lean Startup Machine Boston on October 12-14. If you’re going, let me know!