A screenshot from Sensei showing the voting on previous retrospectives

Today’s your last day to see what the buzz is about Sensei and Agile Retrospectives at Agile 2012!  Lithespeed has launched their Sensei product into beta, and we at AgilityFeat are particularly proud of it because our team of Costa Rican Code Commandos built it!

We’ve been working with Lithespeed and their awesome Product Owner Lindsay Hicks to build this product, and it’s out in beta now at http://beta.senseitool.com/

You can also get a demo of the tool and talk to Lindsay at the Lithespeed booth at Agile 2012.  The exhibit hall is open from 10am – 2pm today.

From a technical perspective, I can say that this has been a real fun project for us at AgilityFeat to work on.  Sensei is built in Ruby on Rails with a heavy dose of HTML5 and Ajax to make it a very interactive tool for distributed teams to conduct retrospectives online in real time.  We use the Pusher plugin with Heroku for sending messages between the users’ browsers so that they stay in synch and you can see who has submitted answers, how much time is left, and to progress the user through the screens automatically.

If your team needs an awesome product built – give me a call!  Contact Arin Sime at Arin@AgilityFeat.com or call 434.996.5226 in the US.  And don’t forget to check out our Dare To Be Lean workshop coming up in early 2013 on the beach in Costa Rica!

Lindsay and Arlen from Lithespeed are demo’ing Sensei at Agile 2012. Check out this awesome retrospectives tool at beta.senseitool.com!