Kent McDonald leads some volunteers from American Express who are helping write user stories and do product flows for

Get your green now before it’s too late!  Green Cucumber tests, that is. This is the last day of the Agile Dev Lab at the Agile 2012 conference, where we are working on the website for charities to use for very specific fundraising needs.  Our beta client is AHIP, and you can donate online to them here:

AHIP helps distressed families keep their homes in repair so that they are still able to live in them.  Unfortunately there’s a lot of people these days who have that need, and they have a waiting list of clients just in their region.  I’m very proud that the Agile Dev Lab has raised over $1000 for AHIP this week, and you can still buy raffle tickets until 5pm today!

Donate your time or funds to the project and you can help distressed families repair their homes! Donate online at

There’s also a lot of other ways you can help our project.  Come by and help write Cucumber tests or Ruby code, write user stories and acceptance criteria, or help test what we’ve done so far.  If you don’t know how to do any of that, don’t worry, we are happy to show you how!  You’ll learn something, teach us something, or just help out a great cause.

Look for us by the big quilt of Agile conference t-shirts that we are raffling off to raise money for AHIP!