A view of the Pacific Ocean from Jaco in Costa Rica

Hands on learning for startups, in an unforgettable place

The AgilityFeat team is hard at work on some exciting changes this summer and some exciting things coming up over the next year. One of those projects that we will be talking a lot about on this blog is a workshop we are putting together for early 2013 in Costa Rica. We are targeting US entrepreneurs and startups who need to learn the most effective ways to build the software for their Minimum Viable Product.

It will be a very hands on workshop, and true to the lean and agile principles we espouse, I’ll be blogging about the process of creating this “product” along the way. Consider this blog post the “pre-MVP” for the DareToBeLean workshop.

Here is some draft text we are considering for the landing page: I’d love to hear what you think! What do you think is most valuable in this text?  What would attract you to a workshop like this?  How do I convince you of its value?

Does your startup have what it takes to be truly lean? Join our team of Costa Rican Code Commandos and find out!

AgilityFeat is hosting a 3 day workshop for select entrepreneurs on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. At this workshop we will show you how to apply Lean, Agile, UX, and Nearshore techniques to build your startup’s Minimum Viable Product.

Prior to the event, we will review potential business proposals from attendees and select one winner whose product will be built, live, at the workshop! Even if your product isn’t selected, there is a ton of value at this for you – as part of the event fee everyone’s product will be reviewed by our team in advance, and we will setup free consulting sessions with you to discuss technical viability and our recommendations.

We will also run your ideas by angel investors and venture capitalists in the US, and let you know what questions they brought up. By the end of this workshop, you will have fully vetted your product idea, and learned the necessary technical and process techniques to build the MVP and start gaining customers!

We are still confirming details on dates and locations, but you can expect this workshop to be in early 2013, and it should cost about $1500 US. We’ll make sure you have a great time while you’re here in Costa Rica, and when you leave you will be fully armed to make your MVP a success!

We will only be selecting a limited number of applicants to attend so that you each get the attention that your awesome product idea requires, so sign up for our email list now! We’ll let you know as soon as registration is open!

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