Matt’s tentative route for

Combining the great American road trip with meeting a bunch of entrepreneurs and hacking code?  Brilliant!  Why didn’t I think of that?!

That was my reaction when talking recently with a friend and fellow startup coder Matt Makai.  Matt and I met when we were both graduate students at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce (props to a great program BTW).

Matt Makai, future coding travelogue extraordinaire

Matt is a very skilled programmer and energetic guy who is going to drive around the US in 2013, stopping at small cities and major startup hubs along the way.  As he stops in each city he’ll be meeting startups, learning about the technology, and writing some code.  And of course he’ll be blogging the whole experience.

In fact, he’s already started blogging the planning experience at  You can also follow him on twitter at @makaimc

I’m also starting to do some east coast travel for business development and to talk with startups and VC/angel groups.  I’ll be talking about AgilityFeat’s awesome team of Costa Rican Code Commandos, as well as our upcoming DareToBeLean workshop that we’re planning.

Matt’s ideas are inspiring me to blog a little bit about my business development travels too.  I’m excited to see how his journeys go and I’ll definitely be watching from afar – and probably a little bit jealous too!

Speaking of travels to meet startups, I’ll be in Boston Thursday July 26th and Philadelphia on Monday July 30th.  If you would like to get together and talk software development for startups, drop me a line at or call me at 434 996 5226!