Do you have a project idea but don’t know what it will take to get it done? Do you have a software development project going now but need a different perspective? I love meeting with other entrepreneurs and startups and talking tech. I’ve got time slots available in Boston around lunch time on Thursday July 26 and and the afternoon of Friday July 27th.

My company AgilityFeat provides software development teams to startups and small companies. Our “Costa Rican Code Commandos” provide a high quality, agile, and lower cost development option which is ideal for funded startups and small companies. We provide complete teams of User Experience design, visual design, scrummasters, and developers in Ruby, Python, and mobile apps.

While that’s “my angle”, I’m happy to chat software development with anyone, regardless of whether you think you are a good fit for our teams or not.

Please contact me at 434 996 5226 or to setup a time in Boston we can meet, or a call some other time!