I hinted at it previously, but now the fancy landing page is ready and I am proud to invite you to join us in Costa Rica in early 2013 for an awesome 3 day hands on workshop for entrepreneurs!

The workshop is called Dare To Be Lean, and you can learn more here:


We haven’t solidified all the details yet, in part because we are doing this in a lean startup fashion and so that means we will be communicating with our early adopters to get their insights on what they like the best about our ideas.  But our plan is to create a hands on workshop filled with lean startup, agile, and nearshoring techniques to help you learn to build the most efficient Minimum Viable Product possible.

If you want to learn more, or you’re just curious, please sign up for the email list on the landing page.  We’ll keep you posted with details, and also give you a chance to give us feedback, influence the program, and get some early adopter discounts.

You can even submit your business idea to us and we may work on your MVP for free as part of the workshop!  We will have our development team there and so you can see them in action as part of the workshop.

When the day is done, we’ll make sure to spend some time at the beach and make sure you have a great time while you’re in Costa Rica!

This conference is perfect for startup entrepreneurs who have a great idea but aren’t sure yet how to get it done.  You might be nontechnical or from a non-software background – we can help you learn what you need to know to manage your software product!  Or you might be a technical cofounder that knows there is more work to be done then you can handle alone – we can teach you how to nearshore that work and get it done more efficiently so you can focus on business development or other core technical aspects of your product.  Or you might be a venture capitalist or angel investor who just needs to understand the techies better – we can help with that too!

Please visit DareToBeLean.AgilityFeat.com and sign up for more information so we can help you turn your product idea into reality!