Nearshore AmericasDavid Alfaro and I had a good conversation with Jon Tonti from Nearshore Americas earlier this week that led to a nice blog post about the benefits of using agile in nearshore projects.  You can read the full post here:

As we all said in the article, it’s very hard to implement agile practices with teams on the other side of the world.  But many US companies are trying to do exactly that, because they are seeing the benefits of agile methods in the local teams and they want to see those benefits with their offshore teams.  Unfortunately there are going to be limits to how effective this can be, which the blog post covers well.

Latin America though is well positioned to provide outsourcing to US companies and also get the benefits of agile methods.  This is a huge opportunity for tech companies in Latin America, but in our experience people are just starting to try agile and many companies that advertise providing agile nearshore services are not really that agile.

Arin Sime and David Alfaro being interviewed via skype for Nearshore Americas

That’s why I partnered with David when we started offering agile nearshore services through AgilityFeat.  Because we are both experienced agile coaches and trainers, we know how agile should truly work and we are passionate about applying that to nearshoring in Latin America.  With David in Costa Rica and myself in the US, our clients can rest assured that we are always focused on continuous improvement and providing reliable and high quality development teams.

Our main business is providing Costa Rican agile development teams to our clients in the US.  But if you already are doing nearshoring in Latin America, and you are having trouble making it truly agile, then we can help you out.  We have experience consulting for a wide variety of companies and situations, and we can also help you apply the best practices we’ve learned to your nearshoring operations.

Contact me at or 434 996 5226 if you want to discuss any of our services at AgilityFeat!