ATDD with Cucumber!

May 14-15, 2012
Richmond, VA

Eventbrite - ATDD Kickstart with Cucumber
Length: 2 days
Cost: $1495 US / person
Early bird registration $1395
3 or more people – $1295 each

AgilityFeat is proud to be bringing our Acceptance Test Driven Development training to Richmond this May! More details are below, or use the link on the right to sign up!

Acceptance Test Driven Development Kick-start with Cucumber and Ruby

Course Agenda

  • Overview of Acceptance Test Driven Development, TDD, and BDD
  • Using legos to explain Test Driven Development

  • Writing acceptance criteria in Gherkin
  • Basics of the Ruby language
  • Implementing step definitions in Cucumber
  • Automating website testing with Cucumber
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins to make it all sing


Participants need to bring their own laptops. Virtual images will be distributed during the class to attendees so they can have a working environment quickly.

Dave working with developers in a course

These images will have open source copies of Cucumber and Ruby pre-installed on a Ubuntu Linux desktop. No experience with Ruby, Cucumber, or Linux is required prior to the course.

About the instructors

Dave Haeffner is an experienced automated tester and Chief Quality Officer for Agility, and formerly the Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at The Motley Fool; responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing their automated web testing infrastructure. He was a speaker at Agile 2010, an organizer of the DC Selenium meetups, and is an active member in the Selenium and Ruby communities. Dave has worked with small startups and large government contractors to improve their quality practices.

Arin explaining ATDD

Arin Sime is an agile coach, developer, and the founder of AgilityFeat. He has worked with teams at small startups, large corporations, and government agencies. He has been a speaker at Agile 2009, Agile 2010, XP2011, as well as other regional conferences. He brings his diverse background of technical and management experience to bear when coaching teams through process and engineering challenges.

Arin and Dave both hold an M.S. in Management of I.T. from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.