Today we held the first of many future “AgilityCasts”, where we record a short presentation by one of our team members on a topic related to agile software development, nearshore agile development in Costa Rica, or anything that suits our fancy.

These sessions are meant to be pretty informal, and while we are using powerpoint, you’ll notice we are not worried about being too polished. This is just a casual way for us to share knowledge within our teams in the US and Costa Rica. While we’re at it, we might as well record it and share it with the world too. We hope you learn something new, or at least get to know our team better!

Dave steps through an automated Google search using Cucumber. Look kids, readable code!

Dave Haeffner went over Cucumber with the team today, using some of our presentation materials from the ATDD Kickstart class that Dave and I teach. He talks a little about how cucumber works, what are step definitions, some example gherkin syntax for acceptance tests, and shows a simple “hello world” example that automates a google search.

Screencast here

Slides here:

You can get Dave’s code example on github here:

Are you interested in having Dave and Arin bring a private version of our Cucumber class to your company?  Or would you like to sign up for one of our courses?  Here’s more info on our ATDD Kickstart class.