Are you looking for an inexpensive way to learn agile methods?  Improve your agile engineering practices?  Or learn about how agile methods are being employed in government?  AgileDC is the place for you!

I’m very pleased to be speaking on Agile Estimation techniques at AgileDC on Wednesday Oct 26 at the Kellogg Conference Hotel in Washington DC.  I attended this one day conference last year and it was a great conference, not to mention inexpensive and very convenient for all those in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area tackling agile projects.

You can learn more and register for the conference at  If you would like a 15% discount, then use the discount code ‘AgileDCSpeakerGuest’.

Here is the description of my session on estimation in agile projects:

Estimation is the Achilles heel of most IT projects. If we’re so bad at estimation, should we bother at all? Agile methods offer multiple techniques that try to strike a balance between our desire to plan for the future with the realization that we cannot predict the future accurately. This session will introduce planning poker and silent story grouping.

There will be many great speakers and topics there, so I look forward to seeing you at AgileDC! Let me know if you’ll be attending, I would love to grab a drink with you before or after the conference, or visit your company that week to see how AgilityFeat can help your team with training, coaching, and development services.