On Wednesday September 28th, I’ll be speaking at the Verify/ATI Conference 2011 in Arlington Virginia at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

According to the recently published schedule at the VerifyATI website, I’m in the 2:15-3:15 time slot. I’ll be leading a session in the Automated Tools & Implementations section on “Continuous Automated Browser Testing With Selenium and Hudson/Jenkins”.

The conference schedule looks great, and so if you’re interested in agile testing and test automation methods, you’ll want to check this conference out. My colleague Eric Pugh from OpenSource Connections will also be speaking at the conference on Tuesday September 27th on “Better Search Engine Testing.” Knowing Eric, I’m sure that will be an excellent talk with great advice for testing of Solr and Lucene based search engines.

If you will be at the conference too, please stop by my session and say hi. I’m looking forward to the conference and hope to meet you there!