I’m pleased to announce an online course that I have put together for how to lead and plan fixed price Agile projects and still be profitable.  I first announced this in a webinar I held recently, and I’m excited to open it up to a wider audience now.  You can learn more about it here:


Here is some more information from the course description page:

Learn how to lead Fixed-Price Agile projects that are still profitable!

This online course will teach you the techniques and best practices for planning and executing agile projects within the constraints of fixed price contracting models. You’ll learn how to estimate and plan your projects, best practices for customer interaction and communication, and the failure patterns and pitfalls you need to avoid to keep your project successful and profitable.

Course Topics

  • Fixed Price Failure Patterns
  • The Golden Rules of Fixed Price Agile
  • The Single Biggest Mistake most teams make
  • Setting your project up for Success
  • The Iron Triangle
  • Winning the Project
  • Agile Iterations under Fixed Price Constraints
  • Day to Day Pitfalls
  • Fixed Price Technical Skills

Sign up today and access the course right away!

Sign up for the course today and you will be able to access the first set of course materials immediately. All modules are available online.

Self Study or Guided?

In Self Study Mode, all course modules are online and so available for you to access at your convenience. At the end of each module you will be asked to answer a series of questions and/or exercises to help you apply the material to projects you are facing right now.

In Guided mode, the course is still available online, but you will additionally be able to access your course instructor (AgilityFeat owner Arin Sime) directly for advice by email or phone throughout the course. Arin will go over your answers to the questions at the end of each module and provide you with personalized feedback and advice based on your answers.

Guided Mode includes consulting time! In addition to interaction over email after each module, in guided mode you also have access to up to 2 hours of Arin’s time by phone or Skype. This time, available in half hour increments, allows you to further collaborate with Arin on how to apply the course materials to your current projects. Use this time to ask questions, to compare notes on a project plan or proposal, or however you wish.

If you missed the webinar and want a taste of the material, then you can watch an archived copy of the webinar. This will give you a flavor for the material you will learn in this course.

For more information on the course or to sign up, please visit:  https://agilityfeat.com/courses/fixedprice/